Cleo II Facial toning machine

by Lou

Me after my cleo facial treatment

Me after my cleo facial treatment

Just to let you know that I was paying £7.50 for 8 replacement pads before I converted my Cleo facial exerciser with your conversion Kit. Absolutely brilliant! Wow, your replacement pads are so cheap, how do you do it! I can't find anyone on the internet (or offline for that matter) who are as cheap and efficient as yourselves. Thankyou so much, you have saved me a small fortune.


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cleo 11 face toning machine
by: kath

l really love my celo11 and would love to get leads as like to use it again as enyone got some please x

Pads Direct Reply
by: Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Feel free to contact me direct here at

Although we are unable to comment on your machine as we are not Cleo we pride ourselves on Client satistfaction and maybe we can assist you with a Conversion and good quality facials which may well be related to what sounds like a connection issue.

Look forward to hearing from you.

I agree
by: Anonymous

I had a similar experience. I was happy with the Cleo II but upgraded as they said the CleoQ was superior and my Cleo II was beginning to have problems. The results with the CleoQ were disappointing at best. The leads kept falling out, which were replaced. However it also happened with the replacement leads. I rang them to say I was disappointed and asked for a refund and they flatly refused. They were very unhelpful and rude and tried to convince me that it was a superior machine. Results say otherwise though. An ineffective overpriced machine that fails to deliver on any point. Also the company are not nice to deal with to the point I do not like ringing for pads and get them on e bay as I don't have to speak to their rude staff.

Cleo q
by: Anonymous

I really hate my cleo q whereas I loved my old cleo 2. The cleo q is uncomfortable and painful to use with unpredictable shocks whilst using it. During use my skin itches and I want to tear the thing off and as a result I avoid using it which defeats the point of having it.

I've tried to talk to cleo but their customer service is terrible.

Newer isn't always better
by: Anonymous

Hi, I bought my Cleo 11 more than 8 years ago now and am really pleased with results. I upgraded to the new model the Cleo q in 1997 and I think it is a total waste of time and money. It has no improvement at all. The original cleo was much better.

The company are adamant that the Cleo q is a superior product, however the user reviews tell a different story.

I part exchanged my older model for the Cleo q and I regret doing so, but you tend to believe the hype and jargon that they send you in the post and they blind you with science.

I think the company should review the product that they are promoting and adjust accordingly.

Would prefer to remain anonymous.

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